Solution for other areas

Solution for other areas

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Stresstech has been supplying solutions for residual stress applications to the industry as well as to universities and research institutes for more than 30 years. Our focus is on residual stresses and we have developed several different methods for detecting and measuring residual stresses in different materials and components.

Typical applications for other industries, universities, and research institutes contains both research samples and projects, as well as high-cost components with high demands of quality and safety. Stresstech has solutions for meeting these demands.

The Xstress robot was developed together with bearing manufacturers for inspection of the hard machining process for extremely large bearings. The bearings were so large that they could not be transported to the laboratory for testing. So we designed a portable robot on wheels that could be taken out in the workshop to measure and verify the residual stresses of the machining process.

To optimize the grinding process of large cam-rings for large-scale hydraulic motors, we are using Barkhausen noise for inspection and checking.

A combination of X-ray díffraction and Barkhausen noise has been used to examine and verify the white layer of different bearing-rings after hard-turning.